EVCA Venture Capital Forum 2014 Berlin

Berlin, 6. November 2015

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The EVCA Venture Capital Forum is the only cross-sector venture capital event in Europe.

We invite early stage to late stage/growth capital VC firms investing across all industries to join us to debate the unique challenges and opportunities of investing and operating in Europe. The Venture-Backed Executive Workshop is a rare opportunity for venture-backed portfolio companies to discuss with their peers the next phase of their growth and operational strategy, after receiving VC funding.

What to expect:
-Content-rich sessions including: enhancing the VC business model, venture capital firms, institutional investors, VC-backed and how to deliver a sustainable European venture capital ecosystem
-Lively networking sessions connecting leading venture capital firms, VC-backed corporate executives and entrepreneurs
-Inspiring and thought-provoking commentary from European VC’s top success stories and innovators

Key topics covered will include:
-Best practices in managing the VC relationship
-Keeping up the growth and innovation momentum after VC funding
-Preparing for the next stage

Infos zum EVCA Venture Capital Forum 2014 Berlin

Datum: 6. November 2014
Veranstaltungsort: Kalkscheune
Adresse: Johannisstr. 2 , 10117 Berlin Germany
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